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    Type Adhesive Thickness of film Width Length Package unit Color
    Finish Rolls Acrylic 28mic 12mm~72mm 40m~100m 50ROLL CLEAR, BROWN, ALL COLOR
    Acrylic 35mic 12mm~72mm 40m~100m 50ROLL CLEAR, BROWN, ALL COLOR
    Rubber 30Mic 10mm~75mm 40m~100m 50ROLL CLEAR, BROWN, ALL COLOR
    Rubber 40Mic 10mm~75mm 40m~100m 50ROLL CLEAR, BROWN, ALL COLOR
    Machin Rolls Rubber 40Mic 50mm 500M 10ROLL CLEAR, BROWN
    Rubber 1000M 5ROLL CLEAR, BROWN
    Custom-made   Size, adhesive power, film, fabric, etc of the products are processed and manufactured to satisfy the use of each company
    Characteristic   Outstanding adhesive power / Weather-proof / Excellent tensile strength / Natural unwinding phenomena to maximize work efficiency
    Use   Applicable to all materials requiring adhesion, such as box packages, packaging for move, polystyrene boxes for refrigerators, etc.
  • Product Specifications
  • The weather-proof adhesive tapes for packaging have excellent adhesive power with various colors and printability.
    The OPP adhesive tapes are made with polyprophylene film processed through bi-axial strecthing to maximize transparency and cuttability.
    The strong adhesiveness and unwinding property of the tapes are appropriate for packaging light/medium weight boxes. The tapes come in various standards to satisfy specific uses from manual to automatic packaging. Customers can choose the color of the tapes and print the logo of their company or name of the products for advertisement effects.
    The tapes are made of rubber-based substances to increase transparency and adhesiveness. With unwinding and anti-cut properties, the tapes can be used in packaging light/medium weight boxes in home and offices. The tapes can also be used for other various properties.

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