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  • Our company, Seokyung T&F, was originally established as 'Seokyung Industries' in 1994 to manufacture and supply various subsidiary materials for clothing.
    Then, in 1999, 'Workers P&T' was established to manufacture and supply BOPP TAPE, STRETCH FILM, PU GLOVES, TAG PIN, etc.
    These two companies were integrated as 'Seokyung T&F Co Ltd' in 2010, expanding its business fields to overseas market. Today, the company has become a general supplier of subsidiary materials for packaging and clothing.

    'Seokyung T&F Co Ltd' is divided into manufacture team, domestic marketing team, and overseas marketing team.
    The products of the company are manufactured in Korea as well as in overseas through OEM contracts with factories in Malaysia, Thailand, and China to secure both quality and price competitiveness.
    Through endless R&D, we are thriving to manufacture high-quality products.

    Our main customers are textile and distribution companies such as Hansoll Textile and Shinsung Tongsang.
    Especially, in 2006, we began advancing into the online market, and in 2007, we entered an exclusive contract with E-Bay Auction Co Ltd regarding the use of tape logo.
    This made us grow into the 1st ranker in the sales of subsidiary materials for packaging in online market. In 2011, we are planning to establish a US corporation to expand our business to foreign regions.

    To fulfill the increasing demands on packaging materials, all staffs and employees of Seokyung T&F are and will continuously put effort on R&D and swift customer services.
    By providing the best quality products, Seokyung T&F will grow together with its customers.
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